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31 March, 2020, Chiswick, London

Good morning all,

I wanted to reach out and to say hello to everyone. Since we closed shop for® on 19 March, and Move into Wellbeing® on 12 March and launched our online classes on 21 March on Zoom, it has been a non-stop blurry whirlwind way of life! So very much has happened, is happening, and will happen and we are all clutching, searching, and yearning for guidance, strength, belief, and hope! At least that is what it seems like to me!

I have to say that doing our daily Ballet4life online classes has given me great inspiration, direction, purpose, and has empowered me. This programme is something I have been asked for over 15 years to create!! Ironically I always said "No, thanks" ( no way!!) And now here we all are sharing via the internet, dance classes in our kitchens, living rooms, hanging on to chairs, mantles, countertops! It is absolutely brilliant!

As good as the dance movements are, and ballet really does do the trick if taught in an intelligent and supportive way, it is the chatting before and after our classes that truly embellishes the communal experience.

So, I am trying to say that you are all in my deep thoughts, and I miss you all terribly;  going to the studio, dancing with you, chatting with you, but we can reinvent how we do this.

If you did not yet register to join us please do email anytime. Once you ask to join, we send the details of how to do. If you wish, please get involved with us on our social media campaign by taking a photo during the class or before or after class, to help others feel welcome to join us! 

It has also moved me deeply that not only are people donating for the online classes, but also other donations have come in and I am working on how to help our freelance dance teacher team during this period of unemployment and uncertainty! THANK YOU!

We also launched Google Classroom with Beatrice Ghezzi, lead teacher of Ballet4Life and our charity Move into Wellbeing a few weeks ago and this is also going so well and is such a vital link and resource for your much-loved group!!

With your other free hours and moments, please also consider visiting One Dance UK to place your VOTE for the next One Dance UK Awards!!! Please VOTE for us and for MiW, and your other dance favs.

Please share the news of our Online Dance Programme for both Ballet4life and Move into Wellbeing and the One Dance UK nomination link with all your friends, family, neighbours, co-works, etc.

Keep well,
Take care,


  1. Thanks for sharing! The Corporate entertainment india has gone through some changes over the last few years and the Glowdiators are at the centre of it. The LED Tron dance group has been here for quite some time now. The dance groups first started out in Delhi and now are making splashes in other cities like Ahmedabad. Big corporations are now hiring performing artists and crews like Glowdiators to promote their brand or products through the medium of art instead of unveiling their latest products at such events and pushing sales through hardcore marketing.

  2. #danceforall! Happy to hear! Thanks for being in contact! Best wishes for the next endeavors, Stay well, Ballet4Life

  3. Ballet4life, Really Good step for online Dance school thank for this sharing.


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