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Recollection on the 7th July, 2019 Showcase Four themes played out to me at our Annual Dance Showcase which is a fundraiser for charity Move into Wellbeing®. Mothers and daughters. Fathers. Belief. Thanks. Mothers and Daughters Firstly, we had the stunning duo, mother/ daughter team of V and M take to stage in the contemporary dance piece. How moving is that, that a mum and daughter can train vocationally in dance together, and then perform together with us? I just adore all aspects of this and would like to encourage other mother /daughter teams to do the same! On the same day, as I was unloading goods for the show, a lovely client walked by with her mum. She said they were reminiscing about how her mum used to take her to ballet lessons and now much later in life her mum has dropped her off for our rehearsal and was going to watch he show and see her adult daughter dance. Beautiful! They were having touching recollections and enjoying sharing this element o