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Now S as in Susan of the duo S & J Talk Ballet ! Progress in Pointe Class! Another term of dance has flown past, time really does fly when you are enjoying yourself.  This term we have started all of Mark’s pointe classes with centre work beginning with gentle pliés and rises and progressing to échappées and bourrées. We all feel that this has helped us feel more confident when undertaking the barre exercises. During the latter part of the term, we have had the opportunity  (which we all took) to try some partnered exercises with Mark being our partner. We have also been trying to master pose turns on either demi-pointe or on pointe.  We have been focusing throughout the term on our alignment and keeping our carriage inline as we move. The members of the pointe class all agreed we have had a very productive term and we all feel that we have improved. We are grateful for Mark’s continued support and encouragement and individual help to enable us to achieve.
J for Julia of S & J Talk Ballet is here wrapping up the season with her positive words! Winter Curtain Call Hi to all dancers; here are a few memorable Curtain Calls for Ballet4life , as we near the end of a fabulous 2018 year of dance: April was the month that a small but eager group of dancers from Ballet4life ventured on an amazing cultural tour to Kiev, which was arranged by Donna, Founder of Ballet4life along with Ukrainian dance teacher Alina. Whilst there we enjoyed tasty food, Operetta Theatre, Frescos, Banya ( a Ukranian steam room), Classical Music Concerts, Private Tours, Monasteries, beautiful ballet and people, most times followed by wine and vodka and more wine! We managed to make the flight home feeling very happily exhausted and inspired!!! Georgia is the destination for the next Ballet4Life Cultural excursion to be directed by Alina. Let us know if you are interested in coming along. In May, under the directorship of Donna, we performed our suc