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We have the exciting news of a guest blogger - P as in Patricia! She is celebrating her first year of dancing with Ballet4life and wrote the following lovely piece. Thanks, Patricia! Ballet4Life- My First Year The time has gone so quickly, I can’t believe I’ve done a whole year of ballet and dance as a complete beginner. So this seems like an excellent time to give a big thank you to all the wonderful teachers at B4L. I have found the tuition has been first rate, truly professional yet enjoyable as well. I am delighted with the progress being made by myself and my classmates. As a bonus I have made lots of new friends of all ages. I have also been surprised at the restorative nature of the dance class. Attending these classes has done wonders for my health both in body and mind. Backache, which I used to get regularly, has disappeared over the year. I have found the regular exercise and the concentration required to learn a new skill have brought about life-enhancing
J as in Julia is back and reporting on her watching the creation of the recent choreography and performances. Hi all dancers, Julia here reporting on a splendid opportunity that arose for me a few months back when I was invited to view a brand new Ballet4life undertaking, which was being newly choreographed by its multi-talented Director Donna Schoenherr. The ballet was Apollon Musag ├Ęte and was to be set to the emotionally charged music of Stravinsky... But this was to be a unique performance, as the renowned Nonesuch Orchestra would be accompanying the dancers live, and the monies raised for all performances were to go to four local charities! As the weeks passed, I observed the talents and confidence of the four dancers blossoming, and I was really impressed by their dedication to the direction and mentoring, given by Donna. This  Ballet follows the mythical tale of the god Apollo, played by Chris Christodoulou and his three muses Polyhymnia, Calliope and Terps