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Limericks, heels, dynamics, class and more! Ms Mary E is back with her next bubbly and bright blog for all ballet/ dance/theatre lovers! Hello again, thrill-seekers in tights!  I threw together a couple of limericks for you to start the week. There was an old dancer in Ealing Who had a peculiar feeling With one leg on the barre She pliĆ©d too far And hit her head hard on the ceiling. Or: If you look up quite hard at the ceiling Of St Peter’s dance studio in Ealing There’s a tiny balloon That deflated too soon And got stuck there - it’s cute and appealing The first is clearly ridiculous (as limericks generally are) but the second is true. Have a look next time you do class at St Peter’s. Floor barre would give you the best view. Which limerick do you prefer? I need feedback from all you gorgeous dancers. In fact, I had an idea that I might open a Ballet4life themed limerick competition! Post your contributions in the comments sectio
Is it All About Balance, or Not? Another lively and entertaining blog from our guest blogger, Ms Mary E , during our Fit & Fab February! All images here are copyright of Ballet4life and may not be reproduced with permission. These images are of guest blogger Ms Mary E in rehearsal for Ballet4Life's annual Fundraising Dance Showcase Greetings, dear and lovely ballet blog readers. Due to an avalanche of social and family commitments this week I have already blown my resolve to do class every day. Should never have said anything. It’s like telling everyone you’re giving up smoking or going on a diet.  But the weather has been gorgeous and forgive myself, I must. Trouble is that it only takes three days away from class and my core turns to blancmange .  I want to talk about balance . (Actually I don’t. I’m lying.) I don’t want to talk about balance any more than I want to even think about pirouettes . Or looking like Shrek in a leotard
Happy fit and fab February all! We are delighted to introduce Ms Mary E, our new guest blogger! Welcome, Mary! Photo: Mary dancing in our Int/Adv Ballet Classes. Images are Copyright of Ballet4Life. Greetings, ballet blog readers.  I’m Mary. I go to a range of Ballet4Life classes and it’s fair to say that I am obsessed with dancing.  If you’re reading this then you probably are a little bit too. I recently retired from full-time work and have vowed to take my dance training as far as I can, by doing class most days of the week when possible. Despite a long term minor knee injury, my body still allows me to do strange things in pink tights, so here goes.  I will share my experiences here in the hope that they might resonate with some of you and possibly inspire others to ‘have a go’. Also if I see any dance performances I will tell you about them. For any thwarted ballerinas/ ballerinos of yesteryear, or any grown-ups wanting to start from the b