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Happy New Year!  With a fresh start to 2021, we share our Ballet4lifer -of-the-month story with you. We feature "Nao"- Naoki Ishii, who is a multi-talented man, and a Ballet devotee.  Thank you Nao for participating; it has been so interesting to learn of you many talents. Hopefully if/when we ever have our annual Ballet4life Dance Showcase, Nao can perform with us! When did you start dancing? I started “Lion Dance” about 20 years ago. I was introduced to it through Martial Arts. In year 2000 I competed in the World Lion Dance championship in Genting Malaysia as a Lion Head of the UK team. I have been performing in and outside UK since. ( I am the front of the lion in the photo “Lion Dance Genting”, which I found on the internet.)   I started ballet in 2018 and ballroom dancing in 2019.   What makes dancing so special to you? All the dancing I took up are very special, however, ballet became very special to me during the lock down as I was able to continue online trai
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  BALLET4LIFER OF THE MONTH- DECEMBER 2020 - Catherine Barlen (please scroll down for more images) For this festive month we invited musician, mother, mover, and shaker Catherine to tell us her story. We, at Ballet4Life, have so enjoyed our collaborative creative work and experiences with Catherine and Nonesuch Orchestra . When did you start dancing? I started dancing (but not ballet) when I was about 3 years old but sadly this initial experience did not end well. My mother recalls that I was not very inspired by my dance teacher and, as the classes involved quite a long drive from our home, I stopped the lessons and started the piano instead. What makes dancing so special to you? Dancing is a beautiful means of expression. I love the opportunity to move in response to different forms of music and to watch others doing so - with much more power and grace! When did you start with Ballet4life? I believe it was in 2013. I had met Donna Schoenherr previously, when our children attended Sou
Welcome Back and Ballet4Lifer of the month! BALLET4LIFE.COM · THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2020 ·READING TIME: 6 MINUTES 8 Reads Welcome back! We had a break from blogging  due to running of our extensive online dance programme! Now we are back; and not just here, but to the in-person classes in the  studio as well! We are quite excited . We will now also share our "Ballet4Lifer of the Month"   Facebook   feature  here so many more people can have access. We hope you enjoy.  This month we highlight Elisa Martinig, who was a regular attendee at classes in the studios pre-lockdown, and who then went on to use the online programme to keep herself healthy and well. Her story is an interesting one full of many different life experiences which have enriched her skills, world vision, and awareness. Andiamo! When did you start dancing? I started dancing at 11. The teacher said I was too old! That was a time when there was no need to be politically correct!     Elisa perfor
1st July, London, UK Hello everyone, Welcome to July and sorry for our radio silence! I think you can understand why we have not been blogging since C-19 hit and we went from the studio to the screens, reaching out to people all over the world. It has been quite the journey; filled with joy, anxiety, technical issues, beauty, laughter, and unprecedented ( just had to use that popular word!) amount of positive feedback and comments from our clients. This has indeed given me and the team such motivation and inspiration to deliver our online dance programme seven days a week! Elisa Martinig is native of Bella Italia , and a confirmed dance lover, and a Ballet4lifer. She recently asked if she could submit a guest blog. Let me tell you, I could not reply fast enough with an affirmative YES PLEASE!!! Elisa is the Founder & Director of The Career Changers. Her links can be found at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! Thanks, Elisa! Keep well and keep safe, All the