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Welcome Back and Ballet4Lifer of the month!BALLET4LIFE.COM·THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2020·READING TIME: 6 MINUTES8 ReadsWelcome back! We had a break from blogging due to running of our extensive online dance programme! Now we are back; and not just here, but to the in-person classes in the studio as well! We are quite excited. We will now also share our "Ballet4Lifer of the Month"  Facebookfeature here so many more people can have access. We hope you enjoy. This month we highlight Elisa Martinig, who was a regular attendee at classes in the studios pre-lockdown, and who then went on to use the online programme to keep herself healthy and well. Her story is an interesting one full of many different life experiences which have enriched her skills, world vision, and awareness.Andiamo!When did you start dancing? I started dancing at 11. The teacher said I was too old!That was a time when there was no need to be politically correct!

Elisa performing as a youngsterWhat makes dancing so …
1st July, London, UK

Hello everyone,
Welcome to July and sorry for our radio silence! I think you can understand why we have not been blogging since C-19 hit and we went from the studio to the screens, reaching out to people all over the world. It has been quite the journey; filled with joy, anxiety, technical issues, beauty, laughter, and unprecedented ( just had to use that popular word!) amount of positive feedback and comments from our clients. This has indeed given me and the team such motivation and inspiration to deliver our online dance programme seven days a week!
Elisa Martinig is native of Bella Italia, and a confirmed dance lover, and a Ballet4lifer. She recently asked if she could submit a guest blog. Let me tell you, I could not reply fast enough with an affirmative YES PLEASE!!! Elisa is the Founder & Director of The Career Changers. Her links can be found at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!
Thanks, Elisa!
Keep well and keep safe, All the best, Donna 

Here is Elisa's ench…
31 March, 2020, Chiswick, London

Good morning all,

I wanted to reach out and to say hello to everyone. Since we closed shop for®on 19 March, and Move into Wellbeing® on 12 March and launched our online classes on 21 March on Zoom, it has been a non-stop blurry whirlwind way of life! So very much has happened, is happening, and will happen and we are all clutching, searching, and yearning for guidance, strength, belief, and hope! At least that is what it seems like to me!

I have to say that doing our daily Ballet4life online classes has given me great inspiration, direction, purpose, and has empowered me. This programme is something I have been asked for over 15 years to create!! Ironically I always said "No, thanks" ( no way!!) And now here we all are sharing via the internet, dance classes in our kitchens, living rooms, hanging on to chairs, mantles, countertops! It is absolutely brilliant!

As good as the dance movements are, and …
More Limericks, Learning tools, & Laughter- Ms Mary E's 4th guest blog! Never a dull moment at Ballet4life! (also sighting of said orange balloon has been confirmed- see below)

Welcome back to the new half term and a fresh onslaught of dance blog merriment for all you thrill seekers in tights.
Limerick number one for the “mature” dancer ( that’s me) still furious with a body that refuses to do what it used to be able to do:
The adage is now a big ask For old dancers not up to the task Your technique’s shot to hell Despite training so well And arabesque seems a thing of the past
Item two for anyone interested:
Getting heels firmly down in plié  Is the burning hot tip of the day If turning’s your thing Or your jumps need more spring Then just do it! It really does pay.
While it’s fresh in my remaining brain cell I want to share another revelatory moment with you. You might already have this one down, but it was massively exciting for me. It was Beatrice Ghezzi again, in her General Level…
Limericks, heels, dynamics, class and more!
Ms Mary E is back with her next bubbly and bright blog for all ballet/ dance/theatre lovers!

Hello again, thrill-seekers in tights!  I threw together a couple of limericks for you to start the week.
There was an old dancer in Ealing Who had a peculiar feeling With one leg on the barre She pliéd too far And hit her head hard on the ceiling.
If you look up quite hard at the ceiling Of St Peter’s dance studio in Ealing There’s a tiny balloon That deflated too soon And got stuck there - it’s cute and appealing
The first is clearly ridiculous (as limericks generally are) but the second is true. Have a look next time you do class at St Peter’s. Floor barre would give you the best view. Which limerick do you prefer? I need feedback from all you gorgeous dancers. In fact, I had an idea that I might open a Ballet4life themed limerick competition! Post your contributions in the comments section and let’s see what literary talent lies beneath your exqui…
Is it All About Balance, or Not?

Another lively and entertaining blog from our guest blogger, Ms Mary E, during our Fit & Fab February!
All images here are copyright of Ballet4life and may not be reproduced with permission. These images are of guest blogger Ms Mary E in rehearsal for Ballet4Life's annual Fundraising Dance Showcase

Greetings, dear and lovely ballet blog readers.Due to an avalanche of social and family commitments this week I have already blown my resolve to do class every day. Should never have said anything. It’s like telling everyone you’re giving up smoking or going on a diet. 
But the weather has been gorgeous and forgive myself, I must. Trouble is that it only takes three days away from class and my core turns to blancmange

I want to talk about balance. (Actually I don’t. I’m lying.) I don’t want to talk about balance any more than I want to even think about pirouettes. Or looking like Shrek in a leotard. But I must face my fears and be grown up. Balance i…
Happy fit and fab February all!We are delighted to introduce Ms Mary E, our new guest blogger! Welcome, Mary!

Photo: Mary dancing in our Int/Adv Ballet Classes. Images are Copyright of Ballet4Life.

Greetings, ballet blog readers. 
I’m Mary. I go to a range of Ballet4Life classes and it’s fair to say that I am obsessed with dancing.  If you’re reading this then you probably are a little bit too. I recently retired from full-time work and have vowed to take my dance training as far as I can, by doing class most days of the week when possible. Despite a long term minor knee injury, my body still allows me to do strange things in pink tights, so here goes. 
I will share my experiences here in the hope that they might resonate with some of you and possibly inspire others to ‘have a go’. Also if I see any dance performances I will tell you about them. For any thwarted ballerinas/ ballerinos of yesteryear, or any grown-ups wanting to start from the beginning, Ballet4life offers the best there can …
Dancing into the New Decade!

Hello everyone,

Happy 2020 to you all! This blog is speaking/blogging by way of a gallery of special images!

Ballet4life now starts its 16th Anniversary of doing what it does best: delivering top quality dance classes and courses to adult learners with love, care, passion, precision, and professionalism.

We take a look back now at the last 10 years with a small photo album of our highlights! Enjoy!

It sure is time to get back into the studios to dance together as we embrace this new decade. I cannot wait to see you all and to dance with you again this year.

With my thanks and best wishes,
Founder &  Director

2010- we had our first logo created by dance artist Charlotte Fawley My quirky short dance film "doubletake" was shortlisted for Best Short film Category and premiered at the Marbella International Film Festival. That was a thrill! 

2011 We hosted a very special workshop which combined Feldenkreis and Tango. This was led by Bennie Bartels and M…