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1st July, London, UK Hello everyone, Welcome to July and sorry for our radio silence! I think you can understand why we have not been blogging since C-19 hit and we went from the studio to the screens, reaching out to people all over the world. It has been quite the journey; filled with joy, anxiety, technical issues, beauty, laughter, and unprecedented ( just had to use that popular word!) amount of positive feedback and comments from our clients. This has indeed given me and the team such motivation and inspiration to deliver our online dance programme seven days a week! Elisa Martinig is native of Bella Italia , and a confirmed dance lover, and a Ballet4lifer. She recently asked if she could submit a guest blog. Let me tell you, I could not reply fast enough with an affirmative YES PLEASE!!! Elisa is the Founder & Director of The Career Changers. Her links can be found at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! Thanks, Elisa! Keep well and keep safe, All the