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More dance reporting in from S of S & J Talk Ballet Image- Pointe Class- All right reserved Ballet4Life Susan's thoughts on her Saturday Pointe Class The Saturday Pointe Class at Art’s Ed takes place following the Beginner Improver Ballet Class and is taken by Mark Kimmett and as usual, Mark brings his own personal style of teaching to the class. The class is attended mostly by ladies (although we have been joined by a male dancer on a few occasions) of very varying ages and as it is a drop- in the class size fluctuates. The class is fun and as we are already warmed up from the previous class we get straight to work at the barre with exercises such as rises on demi- pointe and then full pointe progressing to pas de bourrée. There is usually some centre work as well where we are encouraged by Mark to ‘present ourselves’.  We are all given individual advice and support from Mark and I feel we are all making progress and I personally look forward to the day when I
S of S & J Susan's Saturday snippet: Bloch's online sale ends at midnight Monday 29th May and now it is up to 65% off. It is a great opportunity to grab some bargains on some new dance gear! Susan dancing in class with Mark Kimmett. All rights reserved. 
J as in Julia of S & J Talk Ballet on our recent Dance Showcase which raised funds for Registered Charity Move into Wellbeing® The talent was remarkable, the atmosphere electric and the audience roused!! Yes, all these ingredients came together at 6 o'clock at the Ballet4life Showcase last Saturday evening. The show was a combination of many dance and movement skills.... Teachers performing modern and lively dances, often encompassing their own unique choreography, followed by their students, either dancing snazzy jazz routines or perhaps in some cases more graceful, delicate balletic ones! All participants were individually introduced by Ballet4life Founder and Mentor Donna Schoenherr, with proceeds to be donated to her much loved and Registered Charity Move Into Wellbeing®. This particular group, later l ed by Beatrice Ghezzi, one of our talented dance teachers,  performed a wonderfully enthusiastic and fun movement piece, which led to much clapping, whoopi
What J for Julia has to say about Mums & Babies and the Monday Ballet Barre Class! Having experienced my first Monday dance class last week, I have to say it was a very unusual event for me as it was the first time I had taken place in a ballet class that ages ranged from 6 weeks, (yes that is correct!) to well we won't go there but lets say a little more mature adults...! Strangely enough, it all worked well, as the 6 weekers were firmly attached to their mothers by a safe baby sling, whilst their mothers gently swayed back and forth, and although the mothers were the, of course, the ballet pupils, the babies were soothed to sleep by the melodic and beautiful music of the class. The class also worked well for those of us also who were not accompanied by babies, and it is a very confident building class for beginners to attend. Lovely Becky teaches this class at the bespoke dance studio at St Peter's Hall on a Monday from 9.15-10.15 and it is a beginners ballet ba
S- Susan  of S & J talk ballet on  frappé   Frustrating Frap pés! I am wondering if any other ‘Ballet4lifers’ have trouble executing the frappé exercises.  If my feet carry out the single frappe exercises correctly I feel that my hands are doing their own thing! Double frappés are often just a jumble especially if I have my eyes on the person in front of me despite them doing it correctly. I often feel that my toes are curling up between the striking of the floor and the return movement, whether they really are or it is just my imagination, I am not sure. Perhaps I over think the exercise and should just get on with it but I always get a sinking feeling when the words “ now let’s do frappés”. I hope that one day I will conquer the exercise but until then I would love to hear if anyone has any tips they can pass on. Images: Susan in Ballet4life Beginner Improvers Class with Mark Kimmet. All rights reserved.
J  - Julia- on the group outing to see @TheRoyalBallet Murder, passion and insanity were witnessed by myself and a group from Ballet4life when we visited the much-anticipated ballet production of Mayerling last Friday at the ROH!  We all certainly enjoyed taking in the rustic costumes, ever changing scenery and superb dancing and even an unexpected bit of Opera singing!! Empress Elizabeth was played by 1st Artist Tara-Brigitte Bhavnani, @tarabhavs who had recently given us a wonderful Masterclass at Ballet4life, and even though she felt unwell prior to her performance she still danced brilliantly. An evening to be remembered by all, and it was a true story!... Images: Julia and other Ballet4lifers at Tara- Brigitte Bhavnani's Masterclass. All rights reserved.
Susan shares news about a special ballet performance coming up soon! The Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith will be hosting a 40-minute version of  "The Secret Garden" danced by the London Children's Ballet Company on May 30th and 31st.  The London Children's Ballet company was founded 23 years ago by Lucille Briance and this ye ar over 500 children between the ages of nine and sixteen auditioned for just 30 places. So if you want to see some young ballet stars of the future this is not to be missed. Donna adds: and I think some Ballet4lifers have children in the company as well! Must organise a group outing! Image: Susan in Beginner Improver ballet with her Ballet buddies. All rights reserved
3 May 2017 Tuesday's Ballet4life classes for 50+ Two wonderful dance classes today were enjoyed by the 50+ ladies, with our lovely mentor and teacher Donna at the helm, gently moving us on towards gaining more confidence in our dance abilities. One 50+ er Anne even felt confident enough to share briefly with another 50+ lady the start of a new dance sequence we had just all been learning Nice that everyone is so friendly.... Then an exhilarating Pilates/dance class was much enjoyed by all with our excellent teacher Becky, comprising of fab up-tempo music and slick dance moves! With more practice, I'm hoping to conquer the windmill arm movement, which I find quite tricky, and so next week will see if I can get any top tips from Becky or the others in our group.... Images of Julia in Becky's 50+ Dance & Fitness Class on Tuesday mornings. All rights reserved.