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Welcome Back and Ballet4Lifer of the month! BALLET4LIFE.COM · THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2020 ·READING TIME: 6 MINUTES 8 Reads Welcome back! We had a break from blogging  due to running of our extensive online dance programme! Now we are back; and not just here, but to the in-person classes in the  studio as well! We are quite excited . We will now also share our "Ballet4Lifer of the Month"   Facebook   feature  here so many more people can have access. We hope you enjoy.  This month we highlight Elisa Martinig, who was a regular attendee at classes in the studios pre-lockdown, and who then went on to use the online programme to keep herself healthy and well. Her story is an interesting one full of many different life experiences which have enriched her skills, world vision, and awareness. Andiamo! When did you start dancing? I started dancing at 11. The teacher said I was too old! That was a time when there was no need to be politically correct!     Elisa perfor