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31 March, 2020, Chiswick, London #COVID-19  #stayathomeandstaysafe Good morning all, I wanted to reach out and to say hello to everyone. Since we closed shop for ®   on 19 March, and Move into Wellbeing ®  on 12 March and launched our online classes on 21 March on Zoom, it has been a non-stop blurry whirlwind way of life! So very much has happened, is happening, and will happen and we are all clutching, searching, and yearning for guidance, strength, belief, and hope! At least that is what it seems like to me! I have to say that doing our daily Ballet4life online classes has given me great inspiration, direction, purpose, and has empowered me. This programme is something I have been asked for over 15 years to create!! Ironically I always said "No, thanks" ( no way!!) And now here we all are sharing via the internet, dance classes in our kitchens, living rooms, hanging on to chairs, mantles, countertops! It is absolutely brilliant! As good as
More Limericks, Learning tools, & Laughter- Ms Mary E's 4th guest blog! Never a dull moment at Ballet4life! (also sighting of said orange balloon has been confirmed- see below) Welcome back to the new half term and a fresh onslaught of dance blog merriment for all you thrill seekers in tights. Limerick number one for the “mature” dancer ( that’s me) still furious with a body that refuses to do what it used to be able to do: The adage is now a big ask For old dancers not up to the task Your technique’s shot to hell Despite training so well And arabesque seems a thing of the pa st Item two for anyone interested: Getting heels firmly down in pliĆ©  Is the burning hot tip of the day If turning’s your thing Or your jumps need more spring Then just do it! It really does pay. While it’s fresh in my remaining brain cell I want to share another revelatory moment with you. You might already have this one down, but it was massiv