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Reinvention and Recollection

Greetings all on this blustery gloomy, rainy, June Friday in London! I hope this finds you well and that you had an enjoyable week of dancing in our classes! We decided to shift gears here and reinvent ourselves in a broader way to allow for more comments, blogs, and interaction. We have developed ourselves from S & J Talk Ballet , to Ballet4Life Talks Dance! We certainly hope you enjoy reading many more new bloggers' thoughts, tips, and anecdotes! I'd like to start by saying a big thanks to Susan & Julia for their previous blogs. Happy dancing to all! Now I wish to talk about dance in schools. We were invited again to work with Nonesuch Orchestra and the Belmont Primary School, W4  on a dance and music fusion project for their arts enrichment weeks. We had only one day to work with over 120 children to teach our choreography of four dance pieces, to rehearse, and then to