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Sorry for the long silence! We have been so busy at Ballet4life! Also, Susan's internet has been down so she has not posted in a while. J as in Julia of S&J Talk Ballet has a report of the upcoming 12th May Showcase! over to Julia...... Showtime Blossoms! There's a hub of activity and a buzz of excitement, as ballet4life students prepare for their 2018 Showcase!  Rehearsals are well underway with all performers working hard to enhance their dance skills, in order to make this the best Showcase ever!.... There will be Ballet, Character Dance, and even a sneak peek at the upcoming   Stravinsky's Apollo and the Muses Ballet and live music with The Nonesuch Orchestra performances in June in Chiswick! Although I am a blogger for Ballet4life, I also attend and enjoy dance classes which embrace many different styles of dance. The new dance on the block this year is to be a beautiful Ukrainian Gypsy dance, taught to us by Ukrainian ballet teacher Alina.  It wi