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J of S & J talk ballet is back with her thoughts and feedback about our special Wednesday Workshops during March with our Founder & Director Donna Take it away J as in Julia! Wonderful Spring Workshop Donna Schoenherr, International Artist and Founder of Ballet4life is holding a special ballet workshop, in which clients, in small groups, are given an individual course of tuition each Wednesday from 12.35 - 1.15 until March 27th. This is being held at St. Peter's Hall, Bespoke Dance Studio, Southfield Road, W4 1BB in beautiful leafy Chiswick. Donna's selfless dedication and love for teaching ballet is well known and greatly appreciated by her many clients! Today we enjoyed a ballet feast studying the variety of walks, upper body movement and that tricky one, ( well definitely in my case),... PIROUETTES!  But all was positive, as Donna instilled a calm influence over us, and with a little perseverance, our self-confidence kicked in and we twirled som