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  BALLET4LIFER OF THE MONTH- DECEMBER 2020 - Catherine Barlen (please scroll down for more images) For this festive month we invited musician, mother, mover, and shaker Catherine to tell us her story. We, at Ballet4Life, have so enjoyed our collaborative creative work and experiences with Catherine and Nonesuch Orchestra . When did you start dancing? I started dancing (but not ballet) when I was about 3 years old but sadly this initial experience did not end well. My mother recalls that I was not very inspired by my dance teacher and, as the classes involved quite a long drive from our home, I stopped the lessons and started the piano instead. What makes dancing so special to you? Dancing is a beautiful means of expression. I love the opportunity to move in response to different forms of music and to watch others doing so - with much more power and grace! When did you start with Ballet4life? I believe it was in 2013. I had met Donna Schoenherr previously, when our children attended Sou