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Dancing into the New Decade!

Hello everyone,

Happy 2020 to you all! This blog is speaking/blogging by way of a gallery of special images!

Ballet4life now starts its 16th Anniversary of doing what it does best: delivering top quality dance classes and courses to adult learners with love, care, passion, precision, and professionalism.

We take a look back now at the last 10 years with a small photo album of our highlights! Enjoy!

It sure is time to get back into the studios to dance together as we embrace this new decade. I cannot wait to see you all and to dance with you again this year.

With my thanks and best wishes,
Founder &  Director

2010- we had our first logo created by dance artist Charlotte Fawley
My quirky short dance film "doubletake" was shortlisted for Best Short film Category and premiered at the Marbella International Film Festival. That was a thrill! 

We hosted a very special workshop which combined Feldenkreis and Tango. This was led by Bennie Bartels and Melinda Glenister.

We had our stall at the Bedford Park Festival

Brian Bertscher led our Complete Beginner Courses.

I launched the 50+ Ballet programme!

2013- a very busy year!
We had our first Taster Day
We offered Ballet, Zumba, Pointe, Contemporary and more!
Here is Rebecca Scott rocking it in her class.

Our Saturday morning Ballet continued to go from strength to strength with Beatrice Ghezzi.

Our Complete Beginner Ballet Courses did the same with Angela Taylor and Beatrice.

We held our first Summer Dance Intensives at the studio which was later to become our home.

Sadly we ended our 8 year run at Rambert Dance Company Studios for our Monday morning Ballet

Another year at the Bedford Park Festival.

We expanded and held classes daily at four different Chiswick venues plus others in West London and in Greater London!

I had the pleasure to have my portrait painted by renowned artist Charlotte Fawley.

2015- another busy year!
Classes continued to grow and expand.

I had the honour and privilege to have an Artists' Residency at the prestigious Camargo Foundation in Cassis, France with my colleague Penelope Freeh. We created our multimedia dance piece "Helioscope" which then premiered in Minneapolis, USA and will hopefully be performed here in 2021/22.

We gave three performances at The Bedford Park Festival.

I launched our new dance organisation, a labour of love,  which became a registered charity in 2017, Move into Wellbeing®.

Clarissa Rocha and I created and delivered a special dance programme for people with early-stage Dementia that was commissioned by the charity Arts4Dementia. 

2016- and an even busier year!
New home and a big expansion of daytime dance programme

Annual Dance Fundraising Showcase

Sponsorship at the Bedford Park Festival - Tea Dance

Coverage in the local press for our charity Move into Wellbeing®
This time a beautiful feature in Artistika Magazine

And a new logo created by graphic artist Jane Davis

Daytime and Saturday Dance Programme flourished
 Character Dance

Move into Wellbeing®
 continued to grow

We performed again at The Bedford Park Festival

We had our annual Dance Fundraising Showcase and our lovely colleague Clarissa returned and performed in it.

I got to choreograph "Apollo and the Muses" and our lovely dancers performed it live with The Nonesuch Orchestra! 

Our Dance Classes and Courses at all venues grow and inspire many with our brilliant teachers.

Our First Cultural  Excursion-  to Kiev with Alina Luts 

Our  next annual Fundraising Dance Showcase

Our Summer Dance Intensives 

2019- Our 15th Anniversary Year! Filled with many joyous occasions, events, classes, and gatherings.

Ballroom & Latin Dance Class

Bedford Park Festival Performance

 Performance with The Nonesuch Orchestra and Belmont Primary School 
Annual Fundraising Dance Showcase 

 Summer Dance Intensives- Repertory 

 Good Gym lending many hands to our charity

Another MiW Fundraiser!

New evening Jazz/Contemporary Dance Class with Johanna Saarinen 

Various wonderful Dance Classes we offer

Classical Repertory Class 

 Contemporary Dance Class

 Character Dance Class

Different beautiful groups of our dancers

One Dance UK 2019 Awards
We were shortlisted for the People's Choice Award!

Our end of term Dance Showcase

Here's to the next DECADE OF DANCE! Bring it on!


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